Angry 'Melön

Soooo, this watermelon and mustard thing seems to be trending right now on social media. I've actually heard 50/50 reviews on it. People either thought that it was great or that it was just straight nasty.

So at first when I thought of the combo, I was like, ech!

But then I was like, 'Bear?'

And I was like, 'huh?'

And then I was like, 'it's food'

And then I was like, 'you better put that damn Angry Bear Sauce on it!'

I had a point there.


I was pleasantly surprised with how all the flavors of the Sauce just melded so well in the sweet, sweet, juicy 'melön!

It was no longer a regular watermelon. Its name was now...'Melön. Ha!

You've gotta try it. I'm anxious to hear how you experienced it so come back and let me know.

Stay Sauce-Faced my friends and I'll catch you on another one!

Angry Bear

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