Angry Street Tacos

Someone said Steeet Tacos? Ok.

"Can you make it Angry?"

I gotchu!

đŸ”¥Street taco Tortilla đŸ”¥Pulled chicken thighs (Use whatever meat but I think thighs have the most flavor of all the chicken parts for this) đŸ”¥Season the hell outta your meat. Cook on low until falling off the bone. đŸ”¥Sour Cream đŸ”¥Cheese đŸ”¥Greens (Lettuce, spinach, etc.) đŸ”¥Guacamole đŸ”¥ANGRY BEAR SAUCE (this is a MUST)

That's it! Everyone's had tacos before but try this and come back and let me know how much better it is with ANGRY BEAR!

Get Sauce-Faced!

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