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Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Hey there! We meet again. The sexy-looking-hotness of a fresh pepper is where it's at. If you're here because you like spice, then read on.

So, what makes them so good? The deliciousness...the yumminess...the spiciness!

These babies are packed full of a chemical called, capsaicin. It's pronounced cap-say-uh-sin. For the ones in the back, don't hurt yourself. Ha!

Here are just a FEW benefits from ingesting this goodness:

1. They help with your digestive system. This means that the goodness that it has helps

with yo' messed up insides. They can reduce gas and the acidity in your digestive tract

that can cause ulcers. Yaay!

2. It's good for joint pain. Basically, the chemical that's inside has pain-relieving properties. They say that you can apply it topically but don't be a dumb a** and

get it in your damn eyes.

3. Metabolism. This ones for you sexy. Yes you...the one reading this. Peppers are good for helping with weight loss! You heard me right. It increases the metabolic rate through the thermogenic process, causing the body to heat up. The calories are then burned because the process uses energy. Disclaimer: this only helps slightly, on a very small scale. It is not to be used solely for weight loss. So, don't be a damn idiot and wanna eat only peppers and nothing else thinking that being this is life. EAT!!

4. Bad breath. Do you breathe stink? lol (yes, breathe) Know someone who's always stankin'? Eat a damn pepper. Pepper can act as a disinfectant and help your mouth odor. I know a few people who can definately use this. Whew!

5. Cancer. F*ck cancer. People say that you can reduce the risk by eating spicy peppers.

The anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties of the capsaicin, have been shown in studies to reduce the growth of cancer cells.

Damn, these are some really good benefits, right? Like I said, these are just a few. Go Google the rest of it to find out more. What am I? A freakin' encyclopedia? Ha!

Until next time!

Angry Bear

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