The Angered-Cobbed Corn 🌽

Lookey, lookey, here! Would you look at what we have here!

Sweet corn on the cob with a twist. This is not just any ol' corn.. this corn has flavor. It has character. It has attitude.

How can anyone just eat corn by itself? How can you eat it with JUST butter?

Well, if you think that plain corn on the cob is the sh*t, then you're gonna love this!

What the hell do you need:

  • corn on the cob (😒)

  • Angry Bear Sauce

  • Garlic

  • Onion powder

  • Italian seasoning

  • Black pepper

  • Salt

  • Butter

  • Paprika (optional)

  • Pan/tray (large enough to put corn on)

  • Foil

Preheat your oven to 350°.

  1. Clean corn.

  2. Place each cob on it's own individual sheet of foil. The foil will be just large enough to wrap.

  3. Butter the corn entirely.

  4. Rub Angry Bear Sauce all around (this step can be done now, after or a combination of both)

  5. Season with all seasons all around

  6. Close foil entirely

  7. Place in over for 40 minutes

  8. Once done, uncover foil and broil for 1- 2 minutes.

  9. Top with Angry Bear Sauce

And that's it! Super simple recipe and so, so good!

Eat it as a snack or with a meal. Throw it on the grill instead of using the oven. Either way, don't forget the Angry Bear Sauce!

Until next time, get Sauce-Faced!

Angry Bear

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