The Angry King

"Have it your way", they say. Who's they? Burger King, of course!

I haven't had Burger King in sooo freakin' long. It has to be several years at this point. Kinda missed their Whoppers though and wanted to have one today. And so I did.

The Bear cannot have just any ol' Whopper though. This Whopper...this King...had to be Sauced!

What did I do? Spruce the hell outta it!

I added cheese.

I added Angry Bear Sauce

I added more pickles

I added spinach

I added an extra tomato

In addition to the Burger, I got some of their bomb a$$ onion rings!

I threw that on there too!

Yesss! 😎🤴 ** play Lion King's soundtrack when Simba was being presented to the entire Kingdom**

The Angry King was born.

Next time you get Burger King, make it Angry with Angry Bear Sauce and for sure - Have it your way!

Get Sauce-Faced!

* Not sponsored

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