The Angry Sauced Broccoli

Take your regular a** broccoli and steam it. Leave it just like that if you wanna eat like a bird 😳 Serve and eat.

Angry Bear won't allow you to do that. Nope!

We're adding spicy cheese to ours!

🔥Do the above step and steam

🔥Add salt, pepper, and whatever seasonings you want

🔥Put some butter in a pan

🔥A little flour to thicken

🔥Some milk

🔥 ANGRY BEAR SAUCE (do not skip )

🔥Shredded cheese of your liking

🔥Little salt and pepper

🔥Mix (Duh🤪)

Pour that spicy, cheesy goodness over your once dull, dry and ashy broccoli

Eat as a side or by itself. So good!

Get Sauce-Faced,

Angry Bear

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